Google Pacman


Google Pacman is a 30-year anniversary remake of the international cult classic that was created in Japan and became one of the most recognized arcade games in existence. It was later ported to every console and device imaginable, there are hundreds of versions, sequels and interpretations. The gameplay is simple enough to  figure out without any instructions and the circle-shaped protagonist has become an icon that often represents the industry of video games as a whole.

This new Google Doodle Pacman version pays homage to the legacy of the classic by trying to recreate the charm of the original gameplay: control the circle-shaped character that, as far as facial features go, only has a mouth, eat white dots of energy scattered around the level and avoid ghosts that can kill you with a single touch. You can also collect a special bonus that will make you temporarily invulnerable and allow you to be the one killing the ghosts instead. Collect all the energy on the level to win!

If you love classic arcade entertainment Google Games Pacman is a great way to go back in time to try and re-live those precious memories or to imagine what it was like growing up during that time.

We recommend playing in Freecell.


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